Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gardening tip to keep snails & slugs away


We have several raised beds and thought this would be a better alternative to the "copper tape" that is sold as a slug deterrent. Better in that it would be more cost effective to surround our 12 beds and also that the surface is rougher compared to the tape, which slugs don't like.

The results: This stuff worked for the larger slugs. Tiny slugs (less than 1") seemed unfazed by the copper, so we had to resort to killing the critters with the beer traps. It did seem to slow down the flow of slugs into the gardens so overall it was worth it.

And our upstairs storage space below the attic had evidence of mice, I bought two rolls of this stuffed it along the floor boards and wall attached to the attic. I think i got it all in the spaces, so far no evidence of mice. When I have time will use on the basement sills. Easy to work with cuts with scissors. Some pieces I cut in half to fill larger area. Nice clean product.

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